I Am A very Spiritual Yet Vulgar Man

      An opus of inspiration for those of us who embrace a Zen philosophy, yet at times are more than capable of spewing out expletives like a drunken sailor, as we kick and scream our way through life. We all attempt to do everything humanly possible to be vessels of love, but everyone has days when crazy comes to call. In the blink of an eye, we morph into a psychotic, vindictive, asshole who has absolutely no desire to throw on a saffron-colored robe and begin channeling the Dalai Lama.

     The first of these quotes was conceived during a particularly challenging time in my life, doing my best to hang onto the thinly frayed thread that tied me to what was left of my sanity. It just sort of popped into my brain.

Some may even say I channeled it.

The language seemed to range from that of a choirboy to a merchant seaman. I used no filter. Some may

even argue that I never had one. I tried to edit, compartmentalize, and delete quotes that didn’t seem to

fit or were possibly a bit too “salty”. Then, I realized the quotes  came from every facet of my personality —

everything that I am, and I said right out loud, “Well, I guess I’m just a very spiritual yet vulgar man,” and thus

this book was born.

     We are all a big, amazing, wonderful mix of everything the universe has to offer — running the gamut from prostitute to poet, and I’m done making f#&$ing apologies. How about you? Let’s rock this shit! ~ Namaste.


I am a Very Spiritual Yet Vulgar Man

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