Thought Coach

Thought Coach? Life Coach?

Everything in our life is determined my our thoughts and we think over 70,000 thoughts a day.

A Life Coach is someone who helps you set goals and hold you accountable in every area of your life. A Transformational Thought Coach helps you navigate, uncover and recognize the thoughts that"Working with Tom was a comfortable, fun and enlightening way for me to get clear on goals and obstacles I've created that get in the way. His straightforward tactics, blended with kindness, and just the right dosage of "new agey-ness" was what I needed to create a game plan for myself with built in motivational stop measures. Thanks Tom!" ﷯ get in your way and help you cultivate and nurture the thoughts that will help you manifest the life you want.

Make no mistake. Like a Life Coach, a Thought Coach also helps you set goals and holds you accountable. The difference? A Thought Coach helps you identify and eliminate the negative thought patterns that get in your way before you set  goals. Otherwise it’s kind of

like planning to climb the Eiffel Tower before they put in the staircase. Ain’t gonna happen.

Learn to pick and choose the thoughts that work in your favor and recognize and eliminate those thoughts that get in your way so you can ultimately realize your goals and manifest the life you want.

Remember, we are never late for a new beginning we always arrive right on time!

Ready to get started? Great! So am I!

I am offering you a 20 minute session at no charge just see if we click. We can talk about what you want in life, figure out what’s holding you back and I’ll give you a few steps to help you get closer to your go

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